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BE Founders Monir Islam, Moyn Islam, and Ehsaan Islam On Launching The Powerful Ecosystem

by Marketing Team13 July 2020

Be a better version of yourself for a better tomorrow. With a broad vision to make people free from the clutches of doing odd jobs and helping them to hone their skills and carve out their successful career and also a better life, Moyn, Monir and Eshaan embarked on the world of business. With the goal to serve humanity with better technology, they came up with their own brand BE. It has a vibrant ecosystem that offers productive space for the people to grow financially and intellectually. They provide multiple global platforms for individuals to do business from their smartphones and enjoy the best lifestyle. At the same time, customers benefit from big savings across travel and learning.

Centering around an exclusive business idea - Live and Learn, they introduced a multi-program e-learning platform where the industry leaders teach the requisite skillsets required in the current time to make money and become successful. To help people with quality learning anywhere, BE's exclusive live streaming platform and e-learning tools assist in creating business opportunities and achieving advancement. Learn, earn, experience, and enjoy all the splendors of life, and this is what Moyn and his brothers always aim to accomplish. 

Moreover, they launched an exclusive travel platform to book flights, hotels, holiday homes, airport lounges, tours and more. For those who travel frequently and want to lead an enjoyable life, BE has designed premium membership with the objective so that like-minded people can stay connected, travel across the world and gather wonderful memories. Right from cruising, world tours to visiting restaurants, they can get unrivaled membership privileges.

Moyn Islam, Monir Islam and Eshaan B. Islam created a robust ecosystem that aims to give you the scope to learn and develop your skills, also live life by traveling, meeting people and creating experiences. This near-perfect ecosystem not only enhances you personally but also provides financial independence that most yearn to achieve. 

Every success story begins with you and your belief system along with the right platform to kickstart. Watch the video below to know more:

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